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Famous personalities



  1283753226.jpgBerkenova Aliya Ayipkyzy – People's Akyn of the Republic of Kazakhstan
For achievements in the field of education she was awarded with the badge "Excellent worker of national education of Kazakhstan".
For special merits in the development of unique folk art and for the high skill Asie Berkenova was awarded the honorary title "People's Akyn of Kazakhstan". Assiya Berknov is also known as a poet-lyric poet. Her poems are printed on the pages of many republican publications.
At present A. Berkenova is the head of the "Oner" studio of the Kostanay State University named after A. Baytursynov, she deals with beginning poets and akyns. She brings up young students, instilling in them a love of folk art.

Poets and writers

1283753226_2.jpgTolen Abdikov is a famous writer
Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2002). The first story of Abdikov called "Raikhan" was published in 1964 in the collection of short stories by young writers of Kazakhstan "Tangy Shyk" ("Morning dew"). In 1977, the book of translations "Erlerdin erligi" ("Heroes of Hellas") was published, in which Greek legends were collected. In 1981, a book called "Akikat" ("Truth") was published in Russian. In 1984 in Almaty on the stage of the Theater for Young Spectators was staged a dramatic work "Biz үsheu odіk" ("We were three"). Separate stories, stories were translated into Ukrainian, Uzbek, Kirghiz languages. Collections of short stories and stories were published: in 1969, "Kukzhiek" ("Horizon"), in 1971 "Akikat" ("Truth"), in 1980 "Aitylmahan akikat" ("Untold Truth"), the novel "Oli ara" "(" The Dead Bee "), dedicated to the years of collectivization in Kazakhstan.
In 2002, the novel "Parasat Maidan" was published, this work won the prize of the PEN-club, the author was awarded the international medal. Franz Kavka.
Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2004).


1283753226_3.jpgSabit Aymakhanovich Dossanov
Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the International Prize. M. Sholokhov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, writer, journalist.
1. White Arua [Text]: story / S. Dosanov; trans. with kaz. Yu. Tchicheva // White Arua [Text]. - M., 1998. - P. 33-42.
2. The second life [Text]: novels, story / trans. with kaz. Yu. Tchicheva, O. Romanenko / S. Dosanov. - Astana, 2007. - 640 p.
3. Mountain road [Text]: a novel / trans. with kaz. O. Romanenko. - M., 1981. - 280 p.
4. Tensor of the steppe mound [Text]: prose; poetry; Publicism / S. Do-sanov. - Almaty, 2001. - 344 c.
5. The totem under the veil [Text]: plays / S. Dosanov. - Almaty, 2001. - 360 p.



Nurgozha Narynbayevich Oraz
Editor-in-chief of the literary, artistic, social and political magazine “Saryarka”, poet, prose writer, journalist-publicist, public figure. In 1964, the first collection of poems by NurgozhaOraz was published in Alma-Ata under the simple title “Tungyshkitap” (“The First Book”). In the following years, the following poetry books by NurgozhaOraz were published in the Almaty publishing houses: “Kim tabady?” (“Who will guess?”) (a puzzle book for children), “Shugyla” (“Rainbow”), “Konilkoktemi” (“Mood”). N. Oraz was the first in Kazakh Soviet poetry to create artistic images of Heroes of Socialist Labor, L.M. Kartauzov in the poem “Tyntulegi” (“The Guy from the Virgin Lands”), N. Malgazhdarov in the poem “Kyrandaruyasy” (“Eagle's Nest”). The 50th anniversary of the poet was marked by the release of the eponymous work “Tynyrgaktary” (“Tunes of the Virgin Lands”), which, along with the poems published earlier, included new creations. Subsequently, poetry books “Otkeshkenbalalyk” (“Childhood, Scorched by Fire”) were published. The books “Dostarhaty” (“Letters from a Friend”) - the first serious attempt in this genre, published back in 1968, “Zhaukazynshak” (“Youth is like a Snowdrop”, 1980), “Tandau” (“Choice”, 1984). N. Oraz also proved himself in drama. This is evidenced by his plays “Kiyadagykaktygys” (“Collision in the Distance”) and “Armysyn, tanym” (“Hello, My Dawn”). NurgozhaOraz also received fame in Kazakhstan as a publicist, master of documentary genre, problematic essay. This facet of his talent was captured in the book of documentary prose “Dalademi” (“The Breath of the Steppe”).



Sarsekeyev Kogabay
The Laureate of the “Alash”International Award, chief editor of the republican newspaper “Kazakh”, Honored Culture Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, journalist-writer, publisher. The first stories were published in 1950. The collections of short stories and novels “Kilt” (“The Key”), “Karashakazdar” (“The November Geese”) were printed in the early seventies. The first part of the novel was about the national hero Imanov A. It was printed in 1979, then in 1990 the second part called “Trouble” was published in Russian in the “Zhazushy” (“Writer”) publishing house. In 1998, “1937 year” was published in a separate book in Kazakh, Russian and English. In 1999, two volumes of collected works and essay stories were published, titled “Zholustindegiangime” (“History on the Road”), “UlyustaznemeseAlashtynAkhmeti - AkhmetBaitursynovzhaylyoytuyin” ("Great Teacher or Akhmet from Alash - Ideas of AkhmetBaitursynov"), “Portretter” (“Portraits”). His sketch plays “Kolmergen” (“Sniper”), “Kesteloramal” (“Shear Towel”), “YbyraiAltynsarin”, “Munlyk-Zarlyk”, “Fatima”, “Ashudas”, “Sarbazdar” (“Soldiers”) are staged in folk theaters and broadcasted on the radio. Compositions: “Kilt” (The Key) - a collection of short stories (1967); “Karashakazdar” (“The November Geese”) - stories and novels (1974); “Kyzylzhalau” (“The Red Flag”) - a novel, a book-I. (1979); “Kyzylzhalau” (“The Red Flag”) - novel, book -2, (1983); “Zamanakyr” (“Opportune”) - a novel. (1990).
Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Citizen of the city of Kostanay and Torgay village. Academician of the International Information Academy, International Eurasian Academy, Laureate of the B. Maylin Literary Award, was awarded the France’s gold “SPI” medal and the gold medal of the International Information Academy.



Schegolikhin Ivan Pavlovich
People's writer of Kazakhstan.
An honorable citizen of the Karabalyk district, he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR, medals “To the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin”, “Veteran of Labor”. In 1994 he was awarded the “Parasat” (“Intellectual”) Order.
Scientific, literary works, publications:
Novels: “Snowdrift”, “Deficiency”, “I do not regret, do not call, do not cry”
Short novels: “Gray Field”, “The Burden of Choice”, “Too Kind Heart”, “Officials”, “Yellow Face”, “I Want Eternity”.



Seyit Kenzheakhmetuly
Writer, satirist, ethnographer, historian, member of the Writers' Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Writer, released 30 collections, among them satirical works, fables, stories, interludes. The frequent winner of republican contests of satirical works. Known as a scientist - ethnographer, studying life and culture, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. His books are published abroad and distributed in 37 countries. The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasure”) Award (2002, 2009), “Honored Culture Figure” (2009).
Books by SeyitKenzheakhmetuly:
Traditions and ceremonies of the Kazakh people [Text] / S. Kenzheakhmetuly. - Almaty: Almaty kitap (Almaty book), 2004 .- 284 p.
Life and culture of the Kazakh people. [Text] / S. Kenzheakhmetuly. - Almaty: Almaty kitap (Almaty book), 2006 .- 284 p.
Ethnic cuisine of the Kazakhs [Text] / S. Kenzheakhmetuly. - Almaty: Almaty kitap(Almaty book), 2005 .- 240 p.



Salim Tokmyrzayevich Mendibayev
The author's first book, entitled “Zhureklupili” (“Heartbeat”) was published in 1998 under the editorship of the Almaty publishing house “Alatau”. “Emenninayirbutagy” is the second book of the author, the book “Mop-moldyrduniye” (“The Mysterious World“) was published in 2003.
Salim Tomyrzayevich was awarded the medals “Askerierligiushin” (“For Military Courage”), “Enbektegierligiushin” (“For Merit”), “Enbekardageri” (“Veteran of Labor”), the Certificate of Merit of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.
Salim Mendibayev is a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan and the Union of Journalists (2008), Honored Culture Figure (2009), Laureate of the Prizes of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan (2005), Laureate of the Prize of Akim of Kostanay region, “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons (2007), “Ultzhandyazamat” (“Patriotic Citizen”) Prize of “Kazakhtili” (“The Kazakh Language”) regional community.


1283753226_9.jpgMukatov Nagashybai
He is known to readers as a poet-lyric. The chief prize-winner of the first republican radio festival “Kazakhstanym – karashanyragym” (“Kazakhstan - Black Shanyrak“) organized by the Kazakh radio. His books “Soyle, zhurek” (“Speak, the Heart”) (verses), “Aynalayinadamdar” (“Dear People”) (verses), “Akbulak” (“White Spring”) (messages), “Zhanymnynzhasylzhapyraktary” (“Green Leaves of My Soul”) (poems), “Beysenbaybiikbayterek” (“Beishenbay High Baiterek”) (story),“Kanat and Kalamkas” (poems for children), “Kulkimkeledi” (“I Want to Laugh”) (satirical interludes), “KazynalyKaynekey” (“The Treasure Hunt”) (scientific monograph) were published in different years, in different publishing houses.
The writer, prominent poet, literary critic, translator, public figure defended his thesis on the rich literary heritage of KainekeyZharmaganbetov, who founded and developed the genre of the story in a poetic form (ballad). Member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons (2008).



Gumar Garifollauly Akhmetchin
A well-known satirist writer, professional journalist. The member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan and the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. For many years he was the president of “The Union of Regional Poets-Writers, Literary Union”. GumarGarifollauly is the member of the management of the Union of Kazakhstan Writers, editor-in-chief of the regional almanac “Arka”.
G.G. Akhmetchin was awarded the diploma of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR, several medals, including the “Astana” medal, the Diploma of the regional akim. The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons (2001).



Serikbay Ospanov
Poet, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor. He began to write poems in school years.
SerikbayOspanov is the author of more than 200 songs. The author's works are included in the collections of “Anatili” (“The Mother Language”) for grades 2, 3 and 4 of elementary schools.
S. Ospanova's works are translated into Russian (“Collection of Poems of Russian and Kazakh Poets”. “Contemporary” Moscow, 1986, Translator I. Zheglov), in the Tajik language (“Tazkirai”. “An Anthology of Children's Soviet Literature”, Dushanbe “Adib”). The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize (2003, 2008).

Khassenov Yermekbai Kaipovich
In 1987, the Almaty publishing house “Zhalyn” (“The Flame”) published the documentary short novel “Batyr Sultan” (about the Hero of the Soviet Union Sultan Baimagambetov). The documentary novel “Onegeligumyr” (“The Good Life”) is the second book of the writer.
YermekbaiKhassenov is a talented journalist who teaches young people. Author of multiple essays and articles. Winner of regional competitions among journalists.
Member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, Member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Culture Figure of Kazakhstan (2009), Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize (2005).
In November 2009, he was awarded the high title “Honored Citizen of the Auliekol district” by the decision of the Auliekol district maslikhat for active propaganda in the periodicals of the achievements of the district and their famous people.


Khamitbek Kuandykovich Mussabayev
Poet, journalist, professional publisher, member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, the Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons (2006).
KhamitbekMussabaev's poetic books “Torgaytopyragy” (“Torgai Lands”) (1991), “Ak Zhol” (1992), “Akhan – Zhakhanizimen” (“Akhan is your Trace”) (1993), “Alash – Ordaarmany” (“The Dream of Alash - Orda”) (1995), “Tarazy” (“Libra”) (2003), “Narkesken” (“Strangely Enough”) (2005), “Amankeldiaudany: derektermendayekter, olendermenander” (“Amankeldy District: Data and Arguments, Song Lyrics”) (2008).


1283753226_12.jpg Akylbek Kozhauly Shayakhmet
A well-known Kazakh writer, journalist-publicist, poet, playwright, translator.
Was the first editor and founder of the “Dalakonyrauy” (“The Steppe Convention“) newspaper. He is a member of the editorial board of the “Saryarka” journal /Astana/, the “Asia-Transit” almanac /Karaganda/, the "ZhasOrken-Kostanay" (“Young Orken-Kostanay”) magazine /Kostanay/.
He is the author of 24 books, among which there are well-known books “The Pyramid”, “My Orbit”, “The Earth-cradle”.
Fruitfully works in the genre of drama. The author published seven books for preschool children. Some of them are included in textbooks.
The poet translated into Kazakh the poems of RassulGamzatov, Yakub Kolas, Ivan Drach, Arsentiy Tarkovsky, poets of the North Caucasus.
He released a documentary story about the life of public figure YeldesOmaruly. Conducted research on the establishment of the exact birthplace of ShoqanWalikhanov /Kuntemesaul of the Sarykol district/, published the book of the poet NurzhanNaushabayuly “Alash”.
A.K. Shayakhmet is the Candidate of Philology. He defended his thesis on the theme “Typological sequence of poetic and oratorical skills /on examples of the Kostanay region/”.


1283753226_13.jpg  Zholbarys Bayazid

The member of the Writers' Union and the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Club of Patrons, Honored Citizen of the city of Kostanay.
Zh. Bayazid is the author of 12 poems, 16 ballads and many other poetic works, which now comprise more than three volumes called “Zhyr - gumyr”, “Zhyr - duniye” (“Poetry - World”), “Zhyrmensyr” (“Poetry and Secret”). Separate collections “Bakytymnyn, bulagy” (“Source of Happiness”), “Ashysyntatpayzhalganyn” (“Falsely Saddened”) were published. All the above-mentioned publications are warmly received by Kostanay readers.
The verses of Zh. Bayazid are put on music by many composers of our republic, more than 100 songs were written for his works. In 2004, the collection of songs “Mahabetotysonbeydi” ("The Flame of Love will not Fade Away”) was released. The song lyrics, written in different years, were published in the collections “Auylkeshikonildi” (“Pleasant Evening in the Village”) published in 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994 by the publishing house “Kainar” (Almaty). The songs on the verses of Zh. Bayazid are popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the near and far abroad countries (Turkey, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Britain, Germany and the USA, Holland and England).




Batalova Bayan Zholdybayevna



Sculptor, ceramist. Works in the field of monumental, easel (marble, ceramics, porcelain) and garden and park sculpture.
She has been participating in exhibitions since 1989. In 1995 she joined the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The participant of city, regional, international exhibitions (Troitsk, 1994), including All-Union exhibitions - Leningrad 1988, Minsk 1989.
Took part in the international festival of sculptors, 2007 in the city of Aktobe, the Art Forum “Nauryz 2006” in the city of Astana. The winner of the regional akim's prize -2000. Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Club of Patrons - 2009.

1283753226_15.jpg  Ishchanov Serikzhan Amanzholovich
Sculptor. Was born on March 24, 1966 in the Kostanay region. Graduated from the secondary technical school. The participant of republican, international, personal exhibitions, the Laureate of the “Shabyt” (“Inspiration”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons in 2001.


Kislitsyn Gennady Anatoliyevich
Sculptor (ceramist). Was born on January 20, 1959. Graduated from the Kungurskiy Art College for Stone Processing. The member of the Union of Artists of the RK. The member of regional, republican and personal exhibitions.



1283753481.jpg  G.M. Sokov
Theatrical artist, painter, teacher.
He has been participating in exhibitions since 1970. In 1979 he joined the Union of Artists of the USSR, in 1990 he moved to the Union of Artists of the RK.
The participant of city, regional, international exhibitions (Troitsk, Ulyanovsk), including several personal ones.
The contestant in small-scale graphics in Poland, Romania, England, Italy, France, Argentina.
The works are placed in galleries and private collections in Kazakhstan and Russia. The Laureate of the regional akim’s prize in 2000.


 N.V. Torshin
The author of thematic paintings, landscapes.
The participant of many city, regional and republican exhibitions.
Held five personal exhibitions.
The participant of the exhibition in Troitsk (Russia) in 1994.
Publications about the artist appear in regional and city newspapers and magazines. Member of the Union of Artists of the RK since 1995. The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Club of Patrons - 2005.



1283753481_3.jpg  Dikhanbayev Aydin Malikovich
Applicator (leather goods). Was born on March 2, 1989 in Almaty. Now he lives in Kostanay region. He graduated from the A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University on the specialty of programmer-technician. Enrolled the Kostanay State University for extra-mural studies on the specialty of programmer. The participant of city and regional exhibitions, the Museum of the First President “the City of Masters”, the XII International Festival of Creative Youth “Shabyt” (“Inspiration”).


1283753481_4.jpg  Dossayeva Svetlana Romanovna
Applicator (pile carpet weaving). Was born on April 4, 1959 in Kostanay region. In 1978 she graduated from Kostanay Technical College of Light Industry, Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, History Department. The participant of exhibitions in Moscow (1990-1991 in Exhibition of National Economy Achievements), Troitsko-Sergievsk (1993-1995), Haifa (Israel), regional and city exhibitions.


1283753481_5.jpgIgoshin Leonid Alexandrovich
Jeweler working in the filigree technique. From 1968 to 1972 he started working at the jewelry factory “Souvenir” (Almaty). He completed military armor for the characters of the films “KyzZhibek”, “Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu”. All his creative life L.A. Igoshin creates unique and gift items, jewelry. The participant of many city, regional, republican and international exhibitions. The Laureate of the “Kazyna” (“Treasury”) Prize of the Club of Patrons of the Kostanay region in 2004.



 Khalifayeva Natalia Vladimirovna
Applicant (painting on metal).
The Laureate of regional and republican festivals and competitions. The Laureate of the “Shabyt” (“Inspiration”) Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons in 2001. The Member of the Union of Artists of the RK. The member of regional, republican and personal exhibitions.



Bulanov Victor Sergeyevich
Member of the regional association of amateur composers. Graduated from the Conservatory in the city of Almaty. V.S. Bulanov is the participant of many city and regional festivals. The Laureate and diploma winner of various competitions. He has letters and diplomas.of gratitude. V.S. Bulanov wrote the song for the creation of the city children's organization “Murager” and this song became the anthem of the city children's organization. In May 2010, a creative evening of V.S. Bulanov was held at the school of children's creativity. In total, V.S. Bulanov held 3 jubilee creative evenings.


The Laureate of the Prize of the Club of Patrons (2005). The composer, soloist of the folklore and ethnographic ensemble “Miras”. Has the titles: “Honored Culture Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Honored Worker of National Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Honored Citizen of Amangeldy District of Kostanay Region. К. Deripsaldin wrote more than 80 songs and 5 kyuis (kazakh plays). Frequent winner of republican competitions of composers.


Korotchenko Andrey Ivanovich
He began his creative career in 1986 - the head of the musical department in the regional puppet theater. The participant of the regional festival “My Native Land” and various song competitions. His songs are performed by artists of the regional philharmonic society - G. Abdullina, S. Abilev, S. Kleimenov.


Gennady DmitrievichSedov
Sedov was awarded the title of "Honored Culture Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan” by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Laureate of the song contest “My Native Land”. He was awarded a jubilee medal “10 years of Kazakhstan”. The Laureate in the nomination “Music” of the Kostanay Club of Patrons. Works:
Collection of songs “The Country I Live In”, the book “Secrets of the Astral Worlds”, “The Seventh Heaven” (Transformation of the polar beginnings in the Energosphere of man and the Cosmos), the cycle of songs “Star Bonfires”, a collection of songs “Let's Remember the Years of Virgin Lands”, author's collections: “Ten Songs about Kostanay” and “Leaving in Immortality”, 2009 - the disk “On the Wings of the Light”, 10 author's collections were published.


He began his career in 1969 in the ensemble “Gulder” (“Flowers”), then he worked in the Kazakh Concert as a musician - an instrumentalist of a variety ensemble.
At the end of the music school in 1970 Mukashev was sent to work in the Kazakh concert to the newly organized ensemble “Serper”, named after one of Kurmangazy'skyuis.
In 1975, in Kostanay, where he moved, he becomes the head of the VIA “Zhastar” (“Youth”) at the regional Palace of Culture of Labor Unions. In total Mukashev wrote about 30 songs. He was the Laureate of the Kostanay Club of Patrons in 2008.
Songs written in different years are different in style, but invariably the same thing in these songs is the freshness of melodic intonation, interesting in a harmonic way, easily remembered.


Sergey BorissovichKobyzev - A talented accordionist, arranger, four times laureate of the All-Union Festival of Folk Art, laureate of the International TV program “Play, Accordion”, twice winner of the regional competition of composers.
In 2009, Sergey Borissovich released his CD “Good Mood”, as a performer - accordionist, composer and arranger.

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