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About of the region

General information about Kostanay region

Kostanay region is located in the Northern part of Kazakhstan. It was established in 1936.

The region includes: 16 districts and 4 cities of regional subordination.

The administrative center is Kostanay city founded in 1879 and located on the bank of Tobol river.

Kostanay region borders on four regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Aktobe, Karaganda, Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions) and on three regions of the Russian Federation (Orenburg, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions). The total length of the border line with Russian Federation is 1417 kilometers.

The territory of the region is 196 thousand sq. km (7.7% of the area of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Natural and climatic conditions

The climate is continental and extremely dry. The winter is lasting, frosty, with strong winds and snowstorms. The summer is hot and dry. Annual amount of precipitation is 250-300 mm in the north and 240-280 mm in the south. Vegetation period is about 150-175 days in the north and 180 days in the south.

In the region there are over 300 rivulets. The largest rivers are the Tobol (800 km within the region) together with tributaries and the Torgai (390 km). There are Verhnetobolsk, Karatamar and Amangeldy water basins at the Tobol river. There are more than 5 thousand lakes in the region, the largest of them are: Kusmyryn, Tengiz, Koybagor, Akkol, Sarykol, Alakol, etc.

The region has 354.4 thousand hectares of protected natural areas including Naurzum State Nature Reserve, 3 state natural (zoological) reserves and 9 state monuments of nature.

The region is rich with natural resources: magnetite and oolitic iron ores, bauxites, brown coal, asbestos, fire-resistant and brick clay, flux and cement limestone, glass sand, building stone etc. The total stock of magnetite's ores and hematite is 15.7 billion ton. There are about 400 deposits of natural resources and mineral commodities, including 68 deposits of ground water, 19 deposits of bauxite, 7 deposits of gold, one deposit of silver and one deposit of nickel discovered.

Water resources. The river network is rare. In the region there are over 300 rivulets. The largest rivers are the Tobol (800 km within the region) together with tributaries and the Torgai (390 km). There are Verhnetobolsk, Karatamar and Amangeldy water basins at the Tobol river. There are more than 5,000 lakes in the region. The largest of them are: Kusmuryn, Tengiz, Koybagor, Akkol, Sarykol, Alakol, etc.


Population of Kostanay region amounts to 883.9 thousand.

More than one hundred nationalities and ethnic groups live at the territory of the region. Ethnic ration: 35.9% - Kazakhs, 40.7% - Russians, 11.5% - Ukrainians, 3.8% - Germans, 6.9% - other ethnic groups.

Population density is 4.5 per square kilometer. The cities with the highest population density are Kostanay, Rudny and Lisakovsk. The southern districts of the region have the lowest population density (0.4-0.8 per square kilometer).

Education and health care

There are 630 pre-school education institutions engaging 90,9% children.

41 institutions (including 32 state owned and 9 privately owned) engaged in technical and professional education. Total number of students is 23.8 thousand. Education is provided in 149 specialties under full-time and correspondence courses.

There 8 higher education institutions with 19,014 students in the region.

The state health sector of Kostanay region includes 517 health care facilities. There are 1.6 thousand doctors in the region.

Transport infrastructure

Air transportation.

Kostanay Airport is located 2 km south-west from the outskirts of Kostanay city and 5.6 km from its administrative center. The Airport is an international one. The number of flights per year is more 1,400, the number of passengers per year is 110,000. Over 220 ton of cargo and mails are processed per year.

From Kostanay you can reach Astana on daily basis using Air Astana company services, SKAT and Qazaq Air airlines have 6 flights to Almaty. Flights to Moscow, Hanover and Minsk are active in summer time.

Rail transportation.

Kostanay railway station was built in 1974. It is located in the north-western part of the city. The station is of Class 1.

The operated length of Kostanay branch railway is 1,452.3 km. To ensure operation Kostanay branch has 62 separate points (45 are opened for cargo operations), including: 45 stations, 11 passing tracks, 1 switching track, 5 posts without gridiron.

Kostanay railway branch has:

7 freight terminals: Kostanay, Zheleznorudnaya, Maylin, Zhitikara, Arkalyk, Arystansor and Arka;

4 local stations: Tobol, Kusmury n, Yessil, Sarykol;

46 intermediate stations including: 34 stations, 11 passing tracks, 1 switching track.

At present the region is capable of passing 10 pairs of long-distance trains including: 3 pairs of interstate communication trains that enable passengers to reach the cities of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Also there are 5 pairs of interregional trains. In addition, Kostanay region has 1 pair of international communocation trains (Kostanay - Troitsk) and 2 pairs of interrigional trains (Kostanay - Novoishim, Tobol - Ayteke-bi) and 1 pair of intraregional trains (Kostanay - Zhitikara).

In 2014 the main fund-creating ratio of the railway operation is freight turnover amounted to 17,614.9 mln. ton-km.

Road transportation

Roads are one of the most important elements of the transport and communication complex of Kostanay region, which efficient operation and sustainable development becomes an important factor in the present conditions of transition to economic recovery, increasing and improving the living conditions of the population. The road network of regional and district level of Kostanay region is one of the lengthiest in the country.

The length of the regional general use roads is 9,514 km including: republican level roads of 1,410 km long, regional level roads of 2,208 km long, district level roads of 5,671 km long.

republican level roads length is 15 % of the total length of the general use roads, regional level roads length is 23%, district level roads length is 62%.

Regional cargo transportation by road (including the assessment of the volume performed by individual entrepreneurs engaged in commercial transportation) is 310.7 million ton or 99,2% to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Kostanay region has the republican, regional and local level roads. The regional center is connected with the republica level roads Kostanay - Petropavlovsk - Kurgan, Kostanay - Astana - Almaty, Kostanay - Kokshetau, Kostanay - Chelyabinsk - Yekaterinburg.

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